Mysore Wood Traders Kambil,Kannur

Location: Mysore Wood Traders is the leading mysore wood trading company in Kannur district located in Nr.Petrol Pump Kolachery,Kambil.We distribute all types of quality Doors,Frames and windows Items.Our company also do Door making,frame making and windows making as per the orders.

Why Mysore Wood Traders?: Our Company have large Mysore wood Manufacturing factory and customer have to directly choose best quality doors and windows in there.

We make Teak Door,Janal Frame,Kattila Janal at very best price as per the orders.Teak Door price staring from(Rs5500) and Janal frame price starting from(Rs1200). Please contact our office for more details.

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Name:Mysore Wood Traders
Address: Nr.Petrol Pump Kolachery,Kambil
Mobile No:9142744442,9633222602