Location: Narath Sree Maha Vishnu Temple is a Hindu temple located at Narath in Kannur District,Kerala.Narath Sree Maha Vishnu Temple is situated 16 KM north of Kannur Town.The temple is known as on of the oldest and very famous Maha Vishnu Temple in Kannur District.

Nearest Railway Station:Kannur Railway station(16 KM)

Nearest Airport:Kannur Airport(25 KM)

The temple is having only one SreeKovil.The main sreekovil is of Lord Sree Maha Vishnu,facing east.The main structures are Sreekovil,Namaskara Mandapa,Chuttabalam,Balikkal,Gopuram etc.

Deities:Lord Sree Maha Vishnu is the principal deity.The ideol of Sree Maha Vishnu is made of sila in standing pose with four carrying conch,disc,mace and lotus.Lord Ganapathy,Lord Ayyappa and Goddess Bhagavathy are the other deities.

Time of worship:From 05.00 to 10.00 hrs and from 5.00 to 7.30 hrs on all days.

Festivals:"Aradhana Maholsavam",is the major festival of the temple.It held in Dhanu Month(Januvary between 10 to 15) and lasts for 2 days.Thousands of devotees participate in the temple.Other important celebrations are Prathishta Dinam(Medam 18),Nira Puthary,Ashtamy Rohini etc."Thiruvonam Aradhana" in every malyalam month are very important in this Temple.Many of the devotees comes in this days for attending the Pooja.

Important Offerings:The important offerings are Palppayasam and Nithya pooja.Other offerings are Ney vilakk,Puspanjali,Ney Paysam,Niramala etc.To know the more offering please contact our temple office.

Important Features:Narath is known as Narayanapuram in it before and people believes Narayanan(Lord Sree Maha Vishnu) staying here.Devotees are staying here called Lord sree Maha Vishnu as "Narathappan".Narath Sree Maha Vishnu temple is one of the most prominent and ancient temples of Lord Maha Vishnu in Kannur District,Kerala.Here "Narathappan" also apperas in the form of "Dhanwanthari Moorthy".Lord Dhanwanthar is an avtar of Lord Vishnu.

Rennovation works:Now a days many of reconstructions works are needed for the Vishnu temple.Sepearte Sree Kovil for Sree Bhagavathy is constructed and its Prathishta date is not declared.Apart from this many of the other construction like Compound wall work,Salsangham with Utooupura,Pond(Kulam) rework,Vana Shastha kovil,Chuttambalm work etc are pending.Devotees may take up any of the renovation work mentioned above or may donate liberally towards the fund. Each and every devotee/well wisher is earnestly appealed to join hands with this noble task of construction/rennovation and reinstalation of the temple help for his /her prosperity and for the blessing of Shree Shree Mahavishnu to this entire humanity.

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